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The Story of 6ixcore


In the bustling heart of Elkhart, where potential bubbles beneath the surface, a new dawn is set to rise. This dawn is envisioned by Ben Zheng, an entrepreneur with a deep-seated passion for his community and an uncanny ability to see opportunities where many see gaps.

Elkhart's landscape is rich with businesses and non-profits teeming with potential, resources, and the will to make a difference. However, as Ben foresees, many will grapple with a fundamental challenge: connecting their profound offerings with the very people who would benefit the most.

Foundation of a Company

Recognizing the impending need for innovative marketing solutions, Ben's vision led to the establishment of 6ixcore LLC.


With the mission to empower generous companies and non-profit organizations in Elkhart, ensuring they operate and thrive, reaching out with precision and impact.


Using a blend of creativity, technology, and strategic thinking, 6ixcore intends to take care of your creative and strategic needs, allowing you to focus on running your business at its full potential. Since 2021, we have been helping companies develop and define their brands.

The 6 Cores

At 6ixcore LLC, our commitment is anchored in Clarity, Teamwork, Objectivity, Resolution, Systemization, and Execution. These pillars guide us as we work towards rejuvenating the marketing landscape of our community in Elkhart.


From our inception in 2020, our devotion has been to empowering brands to craft and amplify their unique narratives. With a deep-rooted passion for creativity and strategic problem-solving, our overarching goal remains to navigate our partners towards a prosperous and impactful tomorrow.

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